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How to Put on Shapewear for a Smooth and Comfortable Experience

How to Put on Shapewear for a Smooth and Comfortable Experience – Are you a shapewear pro or a shapewear novice? If you don’t really have much experience putting on the best tummy control shapewear or other kinds of body shapers, there are chances you might fail at getting the slimming results you want. Plus, it might feel like a hassle to fit into your snug shapers from Shapellx.

So, here are some really useful shapewear tips that will make the whole process feel like a breeze. You’ll be able to wear these pieces every day without trouble.

1. Choose the Right Size

Very simple, but very important – choose the right shapewear size from Shapellx. It’s obvious that wearing the wrong size is more troublesome. You can’t fit nicely into garments that are smaller than your size or simply not suitable for your particular body type.

2. Get the Right Comfort Level

At Shapellx, you have the wonderful option of choosing the comfort level for a tummy control bodysuit or other pieces. The curviest look can come with super-firm support. But keep in mind that these pieces are harder to put on and take lots of time. So, if you are a beginner, go for light or medium support shapewear. When you get used to these, you can move on to the tighter pieces with super-firm support.

3. Prepare your Skin

Do you know how experts put on their snug shapewear so easily? They do so by preparing their skin first! It’s so simple – just make sure your skin is not wet. It should be completely dry with no oil, lotions, or moisture on it.

So, if you have just come out of the shower, take a few minutes to dry your body completely. Skin the body creams and moisturizers so that you can wear your shapewear with ease.

4. Don’t Pull Over

The next important step pros use to put on body shapers smoothly is by wearing it the right way. you should never pull it over. Instead, you have to kind of step into it. So, you move yourself into your body shaping garments instead of pulling them over your head. This is a rule and if you follow it, you will never have to spend too much time putting on your body shaping pieces.

5. Adjust from Bottom Up

Now you know which direction you need to put on your shapewear from. Naturally, you need to adjust it from bottom up. If you are wearing the best butt lifting shapewear or a full coverage bodysuit, start adjusting from the bottom till it’s all smooth.

6. Don’t Rush

Take your time when you are putting on your shapewear. The more you rush, the more your shapewear might feel difficult to put on. So, take things slowly so that everything is perfect and well-adjusted.

Final Thoughts

Wearing shapewear makes your look perfect. But, putting it on is not as easy as it looks on models. So, you need the right tips to make your shapewear process easy and convenient. These SOS steps can make you a shapewear pro soon.

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  1. Bagus ya shapewear-nya. Aku kepengen punya deh ih. Biar perut bisa kekunci. Gak gombyor dan gay buncit. Soalnya itu yang paling susah walopun banyak olahraga.

    1. Bener mbak, itu olahraga khusus keknya khusus utk perut, selain kurangin makan lemak hehe.
      Pake shapewear bole juga ya kan

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